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TraceIt | 2007 | TU/e ID Master

TraceIt was designed specifically for the location of Smalle Haven, an alley in the center of Eindhoven, parallel to Stratumseind, the cities bar and pub area. This location was chosen because of the sharp contrast it has with Stratumseind, both in architecture and main usage.
Because Smalle Haven is rather grey, dull and without many unique elements, and is primarily used by people passing through, one tends to forget about it completely. It is one of those blank areas on a trip, of which you know you must have passed them, since you came from A and are at B, but you cannot remember passing at all. And the same goes for the people you come across on Smalle Haven.

Therefore TraceIt was designed, designed to visualize the vividness and life of Smalle Haven and at the same time creating a beacon, a unique experience which will make you remember visiting the area.